Restaurant Gösta

Would you like to enjoy a delicious lunch during your visit to the museum, or stop for a refreshing cup of coffee?
Or perhaps arrange a special event for your guests accompanied by some delicious delicacies?

Restaurant Gösta can arrange lunches for groups, catering for meetings, and provide refreshments for a larger number of people. The restaurant can also organise sophisticated dinners with inclusive wine recommendations. Whether your group is small or large, the restaurant staff is available to serve you with great professional skills.

Our chefs de cuisine, Henry Tikkanen and Pekka Terävä, are experienced and esteemed professionals in their field. Both have received Chef of the Year award and represented Finland in international arenas.

As the basis of taste experiences at Restaurant Gösta, our chefs select local, quality ingredients according to season. The delicacies will also feature influences from outside our own country. “Local dishes with an international twist,” state Henry and Pekka.

Always remember to book meal services for groups in advance by calling the restaurant Gösta on tel.+358 40 708 5572.