A culinary journey into Finnish flavors inspired of art

We set out on a culinary journey, inspired by the historical tales underlying the works of Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The dishes will be prepared using our national treasures, such as vendace, game, mushrooms and berries. From these high-quality ingredients our kitchen creates modern classics.

1st course Mänttä Rapids
The rush of Mänttä Rapids could still be heard from afar in the 19th century. Today, it is hidden in the depths of the paper mill. In our glass bubbles a delightful drink. But what is hidden in our plate?

2nd course Rustic Life
The second course takes us into the realm of Finnish rural flavors. Could it be there’s a Slavic touch in this as well?  The painting Rustic life eventually ended up in Russia and travelled a mysterious path in the wake of the Russian revolution.

3rd course The Problem
Artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela, composers Oskar Merikanto, Robert Kajanus and Jean Sibelius often met for dinner in a restaurant to discuss life and art. Like the artist friends, we savour flavors popular in the late 19th century, accompanied by fine wine.

To finish Portrait of Sissi Serlachius
Our culinary journey ends with Sissi Serlachius, the daughter of the paper devil. Our dessert is soft with a hint of bitterness, just like Sissi’s life. Gallen-Kallela painted the portrait of mill owner Serlachius’ 12-year-old daughter Sissi in 1889. For its model, the work became a treasured and important work.

Languages: Finnish or englishGroup size: 10-80 persons, ask for an offer
Available: Year round

For extra charge: Guidances in the exhibitions of the Serlachius Museums.


Crab dinner at restaurant Gösta

Welcome to enjoy relaxed and atmospheric crab dinner at restaurant Gösta with friends in august or in september.

We serve traditionally cooked crabs with toast, dill and butter.
As a starter we prefer 8-15 crabs/guest.
(Charge: price of the day)

Menu I
Risotto with wild mushrooms
Juicy  blueberries, rye and peanut butter ice cream

Wines for the menu:
Loess Riesling, Germany 59e/bottle

CH Roumieus Sauternes, France 38e/bottle

Menu II
Grilled lambkin fillet, chantarelles and olives
Milk chokolate mousse and raspberry sorbet

Wines for the menu:
Bassus Pinot Noir, Spain 59e/bottle

Bodegas Murviedro Dulce, Spain 28e/bottle

For main course, starting at 20.8.2015
-Traditionally prepared wild duck 32,00e
-Roasted pigeon breast and dark cherry sauce 34,00e

Mänttä Music festival 2015

Restaurant Gösta serves before and after the concerts.

We accept table reservations for lunches and for dinners: ravintola(at)ravintolagosta.fi or +358 (0)40 708 5572.

Dinner menu Others Art

Slightly salted salmon, king crab and avocado
Roasted lambkin fillet, dark lemon sauce or
Fish of the day
Juicy strawberries, liquorice cream with mint ice cream

Two portions 36e
Three portions 42e

Wines for menu 13e/18e


In the concert intermission…

Sissi Serlachius -cake with coffee or tea, 8,50e

Pie with wild mushrooms and coffee or tea, 8,50e



Cafe Autereen tupa serves 8.6.-31.8.2015

Cafe Autereen tupa serves 8.6.-31.8.2015 mon-sun at 10-18.

Welcome to enjoy of the delights of the cafe!

Blues concert at Gösta’s garden, 24.7.2015 at 18-21

Welcome to enjoy at Gösta's garden. 

Jani Niemi & The Downhill Gentlemen and The Linder band plays blues on Manors terrace. 

Tickets 8e.